This non-profit aims to raise much needed funds for this Christian South African Charity. We also hope to raise awareness using blogs to keep you up-to-date with the latest news at Morning Star. Please subscribe.



Now, more than ever, against a backdrop of Covid devastation these past months, the AIDS Pandemic hasn't gone away - it's worse. Dwindling funds has meant precious resources are being stretched at Morning Star Children's Centre. 

"We face a few heavy challenges at  Morning Star at the moment," said Joan Adams, Ambassador for Morning Star.

"The time has thus come to take stock of our present situation and ‘cut our coat according to our cloth,’ Joan stressed.



Our Story

We heard that Morning Star was having a particularly challenging year in 2021, so my friends and I from Grace Church, Sandbach, Wheelock Heath Baptist Church have produced a card collection to help publicise this special charity. We approached a very generous person who donated the entire printing and stock costs. (Thank you Spiral Colour). So, please spread the word about Morning Star and buy a few Christmas cards to spread the Christmas joy. Your pennies will all go towards the work of Morning Star. To make things really easy, you can also donate £10 to this charity by clicking top right of the menu bar and we will send you a complimentary pack of Wildlife Notelet Cards to use all year round.

Joan Adams from Morning Star: “Morning Star Children’s Centre is a day care facility for underprivileged children who are infected/affected with HIV/AIDS.
It was born out of deep Christian compassion for the plight our Nation finds itself in due to the escalating HIV/AIDS pandemic currently sweeping through our land. We are committed to restoring hope to the women and children of our region and making a meaningful change to as many families as possible. This we achieve through our optimum care, nutritious meals, appropriate medication, stimulating activities and the love we show to the 150 children attending our 2 Centres."

Love from Sarah and the team.



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